Dragons Nest Academy is based on the premise that conscious engagement and practice can access innate processes within ourselves and world that can augment (and at times ignite!) our own inner potential for presence, vitality, liberation and joy

Nature and natural processes as found both within and without our physical bodies speakNature is a narrative that we all can hear, read and understand once we take the time to befriend ourselves and the

natural forces that surround us.

At Dragons Nest Academy our vehicle for the realization of Nature's Narrative is the dragon; at home on the earth, bringing water and life, breathing fire, flying through air and space. The realization of the presence of our dragon is the realization of the

interconnectivity between our vitality and the cosmos. 

This is me - BSeie, your guide, fellow traveller and playful transgressor in the service of vitality and joy. I am deeply honoured to have been empowered to share the Six Element Practice (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space and Conscious) with you.

A deep bow to each and every one of you.

Six Element Practice is the result of a vision I received during my practice on Mt. Koya (the seat of Shingen Buddhism or Vajrayana Buddhism in Japan) - a vision that seeks the realization of vitality, ease, and harmony, through conscious, transformative engagement with nature - our own as well as the cosmos.

This transformation (from separation to connection, from fragmentation to wholeness, from despair to joy) is mediated through the connectivity we embody with natural forces (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, & Consciousness). We are not alone. Through the support of the six elements we can heal, support and enable vitality in all aspects of our lives - for ourselves and for others as well as for the planet herself.

Dragons are the play of natural forces (within and without ourselves) made conscious.

Join me!

As we discover what our nature has to offer us; both inside and out.


The material for the Six Element Courses (downloadable PDF's are included) are collected in one text; Nature's Narrative: Well-Being in Body Speech & Mind available for purchase at Naturesnarrative.com. Written while on retreat at Dragons Nest Sanctuary in Thailand after a period of practice on Mt. Koya (2016-2018), the text serves to support students at home practice.


Using mindfulness/meditation practice in combination with mantra, mudra and mandala as well as botantical oils and mindfulness/meditation in movement and journaling, Six Element Practice is a full-on sensory experience in three separate courses that engage all six senses to 1) Ground & Nourish, 2) Move & Discern and 3) Warm & Transmute.


Students of Dragons Work range from university students to adults who are interested in living better lives and living fully through authentic presence to engage with themselves and others. Those encountering stress, overwhelm and burnout are particularly suitable for Earth, Water and Fire Element Practice.